Educational Uses of Blogs

I searched for an article that discussed educational uses of blogs. Many of those articles dated between 2002-2006. I used Google and Recent dated articles were elusive. One was dated 2007. I didn’t do a cursory search. I spent at least 3 hours searching, reading, and searching some more.

Question: is the topic of educational uses of blogs passé? Is the topic so past its prime of life that nobody writes about it anymore? Is is so common in today’s classroom that folks have moved on to other more pressing/interesting/pertinent topics?

I did find a site that listed the top 100 educational sites (written in 2006). While this was not an article, it did expand my understanding of how blogs have been used:

  • expounding on the the latest news in education
  • discussing education policy
  • research (supposed to be research-based or library based but the ones I checked were musing of librarians)
  • presenting issues facing teacher

In my travels around the Internet, I discovered several interesting uses of blogs. One was an article that talked about how a Russian hostage talked via a cellphone to a friend about his hostage experiece as it happened. The friend then immediately wrote on her blog what her friend told her (Russians held hostage .)

One site talked about using a blog for semester abroad students to share information about their experiences and to stay in touch with family members.

I saw a blog for law students who posted their reading notes and organized ther ideas before and after seminar discussions.

One comment from my reading that jumped out at me was that classroom usage of blogs was ‘only limited by your imagination.’

While that may be true, just how educationally sound might those imaginative uses be?

Can I expand or improve?  Here’s an idea.  What would it be like to use a blog to network college students with professionals in the field?  Where the students post ideas or solutions or suggestions and get feedback from the professional?

Might be worth a try.


5 responses to “Educational Uses of Blogs

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  2. I’m interested in your comment:

    “What would it be like to use a blog to network college students with professionals in the field? Where the students post ideas or solutions or suggestions and get feedback from the professional?”

    I’m still learning how to use blogs so I’m not sure of what the answer is. One thing I am wondering about is what challenges that might pose. For example, I am responding to you in a public blog, but what if I had a private comment I wanted to make to you? Is that problematic? Or would most people not be too concerned about this.

    And if you were to respond to my post, how would I know to go back and check on it? (I guess I better get going on my RSS).

    Thanks for some good things to think about.

  3. I love the idea of using a blog to connect students to a distributed “mentor” practitioner. Have to think about that some more…

  4. Here’s another imaginative use. Homeschoolers (of which I was once one) could use blogs as a means of getting feedback on projects, ideas for teaching and learning, and opportunities for interaction.

    Should a pandemic hit, perhaps technology could keep students and teachers connected should quarantines be put in place.

  5. I have often thought about the question of how do we connect students, particular those in secondary school, with the real work happening outside of school. The idea of communities of practice and situated learning are compelling ideas to me, but given our present educational system, it seems impossible until blogging came into being. Can you imagine a high school student being able to discuss with a chemist a concept that he is learning in school? Imagine the dialogue that would happen between them. Blogging could change the way we teach. What a revolution that would create.