My Contribution to Wikipedia

I couldn’t think of anything to add to the the Church’s page in Wikipedia so I decided to see if there was any information about the area where I grew up — Rupert, Idaho.

There was some information that came from the 2000 census but not much else. So I decided to add some information there. You can see my contribution at,_Idaho

My father (Shirley Richards) was one of the original homesteaders — a pioneer in his own right. I have lots of memories of the days before roads on the Northside were paved (or even graveled!). Of swimming in our well that would turn my skin ice cold blue within 3 minutes of jumping into the water. Of planting and harvesting potatoes and grain. Of hauling hay. Of milking cows. Of irrigating by setting siphon tubes. Of having a great life growing up on a farm.

I also included one name under the ‘Noted People’ section — that of Dr. Richard D. Hansen, archaeologist. Richard was my boyfriend in the 4th grade. We used to pass love notes in class or on the bus . . . I knew that he was an archaeologist but didn’t realize just how IMPORTANT until I did some research on him! I just recently learned that he is good friends with Mel Gibson and takes Mel to his farm in Idaho. Richard and his brothers bought my father’s farm when Dad sold it twenty years ago.

I really like the idea of group authorship — especially in areas similar to the one I posted in. Some people may have access to resources that others do not. Multiple authors can add depth and breadth (that is verifiable) to enrich what just one person might write.

I spent over 6 hours searching for information that I ‘knew’ because I lived it.  But since Wikipedia needs information to be verifiable, that verification is what was difficult for me to find.  I’ve decided that the information is probably more available from the county courthouse than from Internet resources.


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