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Creating a Podcast

Earlier this week, I came across a free audio recording software. It’s pretty slick. It’s called AudioFlash. You can find it at

I created this little audio file in less than one minute. I’m going to have to look into improving the quality.

One nice thing about AudioFlash is that you don’t have to worry about the Lame encoder. (Since there is a brouhaha over the patent for it, the BYU legal counsel discourages anybody from publicly promoting it.) MP3 encoding is built in.

In addition to creating audio in an MP3 format, it also creates the audio play buttons in about 30 different colors! But the best thing (to me) is that after you record your audio file, it can FTP it to your file server!

The only drawback that I have noticed is that you really can’t do much editing.

For those who are Windows users, rejoice. This works on a Windows machine. You Mac users will just have to be satisfied with Garageband.


Create Your Own Header Graphic

The other day, I came across a site that created header graphics for those using WordPress on their own hosted file server. It is SUPER easy. In three short steps you can get your graphic.

First, upload a picture from your computer. Second, select which area of the picture you want made into the graphic (center, top left, bottom right), and, third, click create.

After the header is created, you can edit, save, start over, e-mail, share, or post to Flickr. If you save it, just upload it to your file server, and change your code to point to the header.

Here is the URL of the site:

Try it out and see just how easy it is!!!

Here are 3 headers that I made in less than one minute.

My cute grandson

My cute grandson

Crocodile in Costa Rica

Crocodile in Costa Rica

Mawcaw in Costa Rica

Mawcaw in Costa Rica

Podcasting Links

I thought that I would share some links to information about podcasting for those who are interested.

Choosing a microphone and other pocasting hardware
What Microphone Do I Get
Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac

If you are interested in purchasing a mic, here is some information about the Snowflake (a professional USB mic) and the Samson C01U (professional USB mic). By shopping around on the Internet, you can find both for $90 or less.

Social Bookmarking

I came across a review of different social bookmarking tools that I thought I would share.

8 Simple Tools for Better Bookmarking by Adam DuVander.

The author mentions an upcoming Twine and predicts that this social bookmarking site will be at the top of next year’s list. I think that this site bears looking into . . . (Of course which I am more than happy to investigate.)

Article about Blogging

In the October 2008 online version of Campus Technology, there was an article about common mistakes professors make in using blogs with students. My first reaction was, “Well, duh!” But then, I retracted my initial thought.

If a professor has experience with blogging, this article would not be very beneficial. However, if he does not have any personal experience with blogging, this would be a good article for him to read. I especially support what the author said about learning outcomes — which boils down to the fact that the professor needs to have a clear idea what the student learning outcomes are and how blogging ties into the outcomes.

I wholeheartedly support the idea of having a grading rubric if a blog is to be graded. Otherwise, how would a student know what was expected? Or how would she be able to determine if her blogging was what the professor expected?

The author briefly discusses the need for adequate time for students to complete their blogging post. She suggested that the tool be left open till the end of the course. I think there needs to be parameters around this issue of time.

If students are graded on their blogging and there is not some sort of a deadline, students might wait until the very last moment of the semester to post on their blog. Doing assignments at the last moment possible is quite typical. How is a student supposed to grow and learn and improve their constructive thinking if they wait until just before the final was given to write something. Those posts would not be well thought out nor would the be well crafted.

I would suggest that deadlines be given throughout the semester for the posts. This will ensure students will respond in a timely fashion (instead of waiting until the last of the semester). Hopefully quality of posts will be better. Hopefully posts will be pertinent to in-class discussions. And (hopefully) the professor won’t be inundated with grading all the posts at the end of the semester when there are term papers and finals to grade.