Creating a Podcast

Earlier this week, I came across a free audio recording software. It’s pretty slick. It’s called AudioFlash. You can find it at

I created this little audio file in less than one minute. I’m going to have to look into improving the quality.

One nice thing about AudioFlash is that you don’t have to worry about the Lame encoder. (Since there is a brouhaha over the patent for it, the BYU legal counsel discourages anybody from publicly promoting it.) MP3 encoding is built in.

In addition to creating audio in an MP3 format, it also creates the audio play buttons in about 30 different colors! But the best thing (to me) is that after you record your audio file, it can FTP it to your file server!

The only drawback that I have noticed is that you really can’t do much editing.

For those who are Windows users, rejoice. This works on a Windows machine. You Mac users will just have to be satisfied with Garageband.


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