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Another Cool iPhone App

mylite logoWhy is it that I become aware of cool iPhone apps at late at night?? I’m not out looking for them. They just somehow find me. They must collude* together to hide until then so they can jump out and attack me when I should be all snug asleep in my bed.

Tonight, I discovered myLite.

myLite is a flashlight app  for the iPhone or iPod Touch. You can adjust the color and the brightness. Pretty basic. But then, there are some pretty fun effects: strobe (flashing the light in strobe-like fashion in the color and time interval you choose), trippin’ (cycling through colors) rock concert (no more dangerous burning candles at concerts), police car and fire truck (flashes lights the color associated with those vehicles), SOS (when you’re lost and you need to attrack your rescuers’ attention), and caution flare (when you’re stranded on the roadside).

It’s a night light for those midnight treks to the fridge (or the bathroom). Helps you find a keyhole in the dark. Lights your way as you enter a dark show house (before the movie starts!). Sneakily entertains friends during class. Keeps a toddler (or husband) happy when they are tired and cranky and need to take a nap.

I think it’s time for me to go to bed. I’ll use myLite to find my way there so I won’t disturb my husband who is blissfully sleeping.

*collude: verb meaning to act together through a secret understanding, especially with evil or harmful intent. That’s exaclty what those pesky little apps are doing!


iPhone App

vlingoFunny how you stumble across new things.  Last night, I was on Facebook for a few minutes.  I was about to log off when I noticed a comment made by a friend using ‘vlingo.’  What in the world was vlingo? I wondered.  Off I went searching on the Internet.

Vlingo is a voice powered application for both the iPhone and BlackBerry.  Through speaking, it lets you: call people in your address book, do a search through Yahoo or Google, use a mapping feature to look up local businesses, and update your Twitter or Facebook.

So, I just had to download it.  Just HAD to.  It was 10:40 p.m.  My husband was upstairs in bed.  I was downstairs in the family room.  And I just HAD to try out the voice dialing. Just HAD to.  So I called our home phone.  He answered.  Groggily.  Voice dialing worked great!

Then, I updated Faceook.  Just by speaking.

Today, during my lunch hour, my boss and I played with our iPhones and Vlingo.  The wireless network at work was sluggish.  I was getting discouraged.  But finally my Facebook update went through.  It only took 35 minutes to do it.  Could I have typed those few words faster.  Of course.  Would it have been as fun?  Absolutely not!

If you’re interested in a free app for your iPhone or Blackberry, this is the place to go.

Fun Lil’ Widget

What is a widget? you might ask.  Something cool.  Something fun.  Sometimes useful.  Sometimes not.  It’s a small application that does something . . . like countdown until you go on vacation or retire, like track NCAA basketball scores, or like keeping track of your bids on eBay.  Or, like one of my favorites — track how many miles your computer mouse travels.

The Mouse Odometer can display the distance in inches, feet, yards, or miles.  My trusty little mouse has trekked 322.430 miles since I installed it.  That’s quite a feat for such a teeny little critter. . .

It’s rather fun to see the distance your mouse travels in a day.  What a great visual way to prove to your boss that you worked hard  . . . but then there isn’t any way that  shows what your mouse was doing — whether racking up the miles in Excel or at YouTube . . .  For your job’s sake, I hope it’s not all YouTube miles . . .

You can click here to download the widget.

Happy trails to you.

Cool Add-On for Firefox

I love Firefox.  It’s my browser of choice.  Both on my Mac and my PC.

I just learned about a cool add-on.  It’s called Send Tabs.  Here’s how it works.  Say you’re out browsing the Internet and you have 16 tabs open to fabulous sites.  You want to share those fabulous sites with your friend — but you don’t want to do the cumbersome copy and past thing into an e-mail message.  (Kinda lazy folks, aren’t we now?)

With this add-on installed, you just click on File and drag down to Send Tab URLs (which is an option now available in your File menu with this add-on installed).  You can send it to your default e-mail program, or to your Gmail account, or to the clipboard.  If you send it to your e-mail, your e-mail program opens, you type in the e-mail address of your dear friend, click send, and viola!  Your friend receives a message with the URLs of the tabs that you had open in Firefox.

Some people feel that Firefox gets bloated and slow with all these add-ons installed.  Possibly.  But then, there are some add-ons that we tech geeks just can’t live without!

A Cool App for My iPhone

iTalk graphicThe other day I learned about an application for the iPhone that allows you to use your phone as a recorder. With visions of past experiences (creating podcasts) dancing in my head, I downloaded it and tried it out. I think I’m going to be swept off my little technological feet . . .

The application, iTalk, and its companion application, iTalk Sync, are from Griffin Technology.  They are  free — it just has a very small advertisement at the bottom of the screen on your iPhone.  If you want to be ad free, you can get the pro version for $4.99.

If you are a podcaster and if you have an iPhone, you might want to look at these applications because they make recording a podcast really easy. And, the quality is good. Go here to listen to a sample of something that I recorded with the program and my phone.

No more big bulky microphones.  No more struggles getting a computer to recognize your microphone and its driver.  No complicated program for compressing, levelize, and balancing sound files.  No mixer, pre-amp, pop filter, or headphones.  You won’t feel like you have to have a degree in audio engineering.  It’s just you talking into your phone.  Plain and simple.

Try it.  I think you’ll like it.