A Cool App for My iPhone

iTalk graphicThe other day I learned about an application for the iPhone that allows you to use your phone as a recorder. With visions of past experiences (creating podcasts) dancing in my head, I downloaded it and tried it out. I think I’m going to be swept off my little technological feet . . .

The application, iTalk, and its companion application, iTalk Sync, are from Griffin Technology.  They are  free — it just has a very small advertisement at the bottom of the screen on your iPhone.  If you want to be ad free, you can get the pro version for $4.99.

If you are a podcaster and if you have an iPhone, you might want to look at these applications because they make recording a podcast really easy. And, the quality is good. Go here to listen to a sample of something that I recorded with the program and my phone.

No more big bulky microphones.  No more struggles getting a computer to recognize your microphone and its driver.  No complicated program for compressing, levelize, and balancing sound files.  No mixer, pre-amp, pop filter, or headphones.  You won’t feel like you have to have a degree in audio engineering.  It’s just you talking into your phone.  Plain and simple.

Try it.  I think you’ll like it.


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