Cool Add-On for Firefox

I love Firefox.  It’s my browser of choice.  Both on my Mac and my PC.

I just learned about a cool add-on.  It’s called Send Tabs.  Here’s how it works.  Say you’re out browsing the Internet and you have 16 tabs open to fabulous sites.  You want to share those fabulous sites with your friend — but you don’t want to do the cumbersome copy and past thing into an e-mail message.  (Kinda lazy folks, aren’t we now?)

With this add-on installed, you just click on File and drag down to Send Tab URLs (which is an option now available in your File menu with this add-on installed).  You can send it to your default e-mail program, or to your Gmail account, or to the clipboard.  If you send it to your e-mail, your e-mail program opens, you type in the e-mail address of your dear friend, click send, and viola!  Your friend receives a message with the URLs of the tabs that you had open in Firefox.

Some people feel that Firefox gets bloated and slow with all these add-ons installed.  Possibly.  But then, there are some add-ons that we tech geeks just can’t live without!


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