Fun Lil’ Widget

What is a widget? you might ask.  Something cool.  Something fun.  Sometimes useful.  Sometimes not.  It’s a small application that does something . . . like countdown until you go on vacation or retire, like track NCAA basketball scores, or like keeping track of your bids on eBay.  Or, like one of my favorites — track how many miles your computer mouse travels.

The Mouse Odometer can display the distance in inches, feet, yards, or miles.  My trusty little mouse has trekked 322.430 miles since I installed it.  That’s quite a feat for such a teeny little critter. . .

It’s rather fun to see the distance your mouse travels in a day.  What a great visual way to prove to your boss that you worked hard  . . . but then there isn’t any way that  shows what your mouse was doing — whether racking up the miles in Excel or at YouTube . . .  For your job’s sake, I hope it’s not all YouTube miles . . .

You can click here to download the widget.

Happy trails to you.


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