Another Cool iPhone App

mylite logoWhy is it that I become aware of cool iPhone apps at late at night?? I’m not out looking for them. They just somehow find me. They must collude* together to hide until then so they can jump out and attack me when I should be all snug asleep in my bed.

Tonight, I discovered myLite.

myLite is a flashlight app  for the iPhone or iPod Touch. You can adjust the color and the brightness. Pretty basic. But then, there are some pretty fun effects: strobe (flashing the light in strobe-like fashion in the color and time interval you choose), trippin’ (cycling through colors) rock concert (no more dangerous burning candles at concerts), police car and fire truck (flashes lights the color associated with those vehicles), SOS (when you’re lost and you need to attrack your rescuers’ attention), and caution flare (when you’re stranded on the roadside).

It’s a night light for those midnight treks to the fridge (or the bathroom). Helps you find a keyhole in the dark. Lights your way as you enter a dark show house (before the movie starts!). Sneakily entertains friends during class. Keeps a toddler (or husband) happy when they are tired and cranky and need to take a nap.

I think it’s time for me to go to bed. I’ll use myLite to find my way there so I won’t disturb my husband who is blissfully sleeping.

*collude: verb meaning to act together through a secret understanding, especially with evil or harmful intent. That’s exaclty what those pesky little apps are doing!


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