iPhone App

vlingoFunny how you stumble across new things.  Last night, I was on Facebook for a few minutes.  I was about to log off when I noticed a comment made by a friend using ‘vlingo.’  What in the world was vlingo? I wondered.  Off I went searching on the Internet.

Vlingo is a voice powered application for both the iPhone and BlackBerry.  Through speaking, it lets you: call people in your address book, do a search through Yahoo or Google, use a mapping feature to look up local businesses, and update your Twitter or Facebook.

So, I just had to download it.  Just HAD to.  It was 10:40 p.m.  My husband was upstairs in bed.  I was downstairs in the family room.  And I just HAD to try out the voice dialing. Just HAD to.  So I called our home phone.  He answered.  Groggily.  Voice dialing worked great!

Then, I updated Faceook.  Just by speaking.

Today, during my lunch hour, my boss and I played with our iPhones and Vlingo.  The wireless network at work was sluggish.  I was getting discouraged.  But finally my Facebook update went through.  It only took 35 minutes to do it.  Could I have typed those few words faster.  Of course.  Would it have been as fun?  Absolutely not!

If you’re interested in a free app for your iPhone or Blackberry, this is the place to go.


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