Ever watched a video on YouTube and had lots of clutter surrounding the video that you didn’t really want to see? Like pictures of scantily clad women? Or men doing questionable acts? Or just too many advertisements and comments? There’s a Nifty (and you’ll notice that it is nifty with a capital N) solution. Drum roll please (with Indiana Jones music swashbuckling in the background)! Quiettube to the rescue!!

Just what is quiettube? It is a little bookmarklet button that you can add to your bookmark bar. When you pull up a video from YouTube, simply click the quiettube button. The video opens up in a blank white window. No inappropriate visual clutter. Nada. Not even an ad for quiettube. Then, you can watch your video in visual peace.

Click here to see what it would look like to see a video through quiettube.

Another sweet thing is that if you want to share that video with friends and family, quiettube provides you with a short URL below the video clip. Simply copy it and paste it into your e-mail. Or your blog. Or your Twitter comment. Or in Facebook. Or in . . . you get my point.

You can rest assured that when your grandmother clicks on the quiettube link that you send her about the cute baby kittens snuggling as they sleep, her sense and sensibility will not be assaulted nor would her technology-simple mind become overloaded.


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