iTone – Cool iPhone App

I’ve been rather disappointed with the ringtones on my iPhone. None of them are tap-your-toe-catchy-wanna-dance tunes.  I went window shopping in the App store to see if I could find a cool one.  (I absolutely loved the Mission Impossible ringtone on my last phone.)  Didn’t see anything that appealed to me.

However, as I was reading my Macworld magazine, I saw an ad that intruigued me.  It was for iToner which is a little application for your Mac computer that allows you to drag tunes into it and then sync them with your iPhone.  I downloaded the trial version and played around with it.  Sweet.

Not only are the ringtones on my phone BORING, they are soft.  With my iPhone in my purse, and my purse in my tote bag, and the tote bag on the floor of the loud and rickety UTA bus, I can’t hear when my phone is ringing.  (My husband tried calling me several times the other day while I was on the bus and I didn’t hear the phone.  He was quite perturbed with me.  Quite.)

So, I took the Mission Impossible theme, cropped it in GarageBand, made the clip REAL loud, dragged the clip to iToner, and synced iToner with my phone.  With that set as my default ringtone, I think I’ll be able to hear the phone while riding the bus.  Might even get stares from other passengers when it goes off and is so loud . . . (And, if I forget to turn my phone to vibrate and it happens to go off in a really quiet place, boy will I be embarrassed as Mission Impossible blares out of my phone!)

I’m hoping that once my trial version of iToner is up that I will still have my Mission Impossible ringtone still on my phone.  I hope it doesn’t disapper off . . .  If it doesn, I just might have to break down and pay for iToner.  It’s only $15 and would be worth it just to keep my Mission Impossible ringtone.


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