Create Your Business Card Online

business card While what I want to write about today is not technology per se, it is a very useful online technology — one that allows you to create a business card.

If you’re like me, your graphic design skills are minimal (at best).  If you want a business card and you don’t want to pay a designer to create one, this site provides an easy and FREE alternative.  The site is Business Card Star.

This site will step you through selecting a layout, your color options, and font style,  You can either save to print your cards on your home printer or save the file to have Business Card Star professionally print them later.  (Their prices are reasonable.)

So, if you are in the need to have a business card and you want to save some money and print them yourself, this could be the answer for you.

(By the way, I found out about this site when I read a blog about a mother at a park handing out her little daughter’s business card to another mother so the mothers could set up playdates.  Boy, I didn’t realize making arrangements for children to play was such a serioius thing!!)


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