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iPhone Tricks

I went to a conference at the end of June. One of the sessions that I went to shared some tips about the iPhone. I didn’t know these and was so thoroughly please to learn them. I don’t know if some are new because of the new version of the phone or just because of the software update. I don’t have a new phone — and yet these tips still worked on mine.

Tip 1
One of the most frustrating things for me was that when I had made a typing error, I couldn’t easily go back to the spot and correct just that one wrong letter. I had to backspace which meant that my slow thumbs had to retype everything over again that was deleted when I back spaced. Now, there is a WAY cool way to get to the spot you want to go to without deleting anything typed. Simply hold your finger down on the screen. A circle ‘bubble’ pops up. You will see a blue cursor inside that bubble. Now, drag your finger around the screen until the cursor is placed where you want it to be. Release your finger.  Backspace to delete the rowdy wrong letter and type the correct one.  This works with any application where text input is allowed. Here’s a picture to show you what your iPhone screen will look like.

iPhone cursor demonstration on Technology Mavin dot com

Tip 2

In Safari, when you are typing in a URL, the keyboard has a key with ‘.com’ so you don’t have to type each individual letter.  But, there are other domains rather than just .com.  If you hold your finger down on the .com key, in a second you will get a pop-up option that includes .edu, .org, .net.  What a time saver!

iPhone tip in Safari on Technology Mavin dot com

Tip 3

When you double tap the home button on your phone it will take you to your favorites in your phone list.  Cool.  But even better, you can change it to do something else.  You can go to your settings and set it to open up the search box so you can perform a search on your phone.  Or, you can set it to start your camera app or your iPod on your iPhone.  If you use any of these features regularly, this allows you to get to your selected app much easier and faster.

To change the double click feature, go to your Settings, to General, and scroll down to Home.  Tap the option that you want.  A check mark will appear indicating the place you will go when you double click your Home button.  Double tap your Home button to make sure your change was made.

iPhone tip on Technology Mavin dot com

Tip 4

You may be wondering how I got the iPhone screen shots to use here on my tips.  Well that, my dear friend, is Tip 4.  If you want to do a screen capture, hold down your Off/On button and the Home button at the same time.  This will snap a picture of your screen and send it to your Photo Albums on your phone.

To download it off your phone, go to iTunes after syncing your phone.  When you click on your phone (under Devices), you will see the pictures on your phone.  Click on the desired picture (it will have a yellow border around the photo) and then click Import Selected.  Your photo will now be in iPhoto.

iphone tip on Technology Mavin dot com