Mouse Locator

Mouse Locator LogoSometimes in life there are things that are not used very often.  But when they are, they are extremely valuable.  Extremely.  Something that you just can’t live without — even if it is just momentarily.  The Mouse Locator is just that type of seldom-used necessity.

There have been times that for whatever reason my mouse pointer is MIA.  Is it off to the right side of the screen?  The left?  Wait!  No!  It is at the bottom. . . or maybe it really was off to the right side.

Sometimes it feels like I’m playing Where in the World is Carmen San Diego with my mouse.  No amount of movement can reveal its location.  Rats!  (Or should I say ‘Mouse?’)  Darn that little rodent.  2point5fish to the rescue.  (Now, where in the world did they ever come up with a name like that???  Guess it makes sense to those folks in the UK who own the site.)

2point5fish has developed this sweet application, Mouse Locator, for the Mac.  It’s easy to download, install, and set up.  The hardest part (for me anyway) will be remembering the key stroke that locates my mouse.   Control-space, control-space, control-space.  Maybe if I repeat it enough times to myself it will lodge permanently in my long-term memory.  Hopefully.

Mouse Locator.  Give it a try, you Mac users.  It’s the cat’s meow.


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