Monthly Archives: October 2009

Get Krunchd

Krunchd.  Not the kind that builds killer abs.  The kind that makes life easier.  Lots easier.

Are there times when you want to inundate someone with a whole gaggle of URLs?  What’s the best way to do it?  Fill up an e-mail that gets lost among all of the spam?  Type them in a document?  (That gets clunky for your friend to access the sites.)  Krunchd to the rescue!!

On the Krunchd website, you paste in the desired URLs.  Name and describe your link.  Then, viola!  It creates a Krunched URL (like they say — a Tiny URL on steroids).

Then, send the URL to your friend.  When she clicks on the link, it takes her to the first URL that  you entered in your list.  To access the other links, she clicks on the drop down list on the right hand side of the window.  She will see all of the other links in the list and can easily navigate to the next site.  (See the example below. The red arrow points to the drop down list of the URls. )


Click on this link to see it in live URL action.  It’s a random lists of grandmothers’ blogs.

Krunchd.  Cool.  Much easier than trying to build up your abdomen!