Needed to Know This Long Ago

Why is it that when I learn about some technology, I find that it’s been around forever?  And why is it that I could have used it over, and over and over again — had I only known about it?  Sigh.

Such it is with Backdrop.

Backdrop is a simple FREE utility that fills your desktop screen with a solid color (or an picture).  This is great when you are taking screen shots for tutorials or whenever you need to capture a portion of your screen but NOT all of the clutter that is residing on your desktop.

You can select your background color in the Preferences.  Sweet.  I like not being tied to a color that someone else thought was good.

If you prefer a background image instead, simply click on the Browse button to find the picture that you want.  If you don’t like how the picture looks, click the Clear button.

If I had a dollar for every screen shot that I had to redo because of some unwanted thing in the background, I would be a millionaire.  Or at least have an extra ten bucks in my pocket!

Of course this is a Mac app.  Of course.  Windows folks couldn’t come up with something this wonderful on their own . . .

Check it out.  And please consider a donation.  John Haney deserves to have his palm crossed with silver for all of his wonderful efforts!


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