Most Useful App for iPhone

The iPhone app, AutoPark, was awarded the Most Useful App at the iPhone Developers 2009 Camp.  I can see why.

Parking in a metered spot?  Not a problem.  Keep track of your metered time, find where you parked and even find nearby services like gas stations and banks.  I wonder how people back in the 70s ever lived without this cool little widget.  It’s sweet, sweet, sweet.  (How in the world did we ever live pre-iPhone?)

Here are some of AutoPark’s features:

  • keeping track of time left on the parking meter
  • finding your parked car
  • finding your car in a multi-story parking structure or at sprawling shopping mall (this is fabulous!!)
  • locating nearby gas stations, banks, and public restrooms
  • taking a picture of your rental car to help you remember what it looks like
  • sending an e-mail to remind yourself where you parked before leaving on a long trip

It costs $5 — which is really cheap when compared to paying a parking ticket!

AutoPark’s tag line is:  You won’t want to leave home without it.  Even though that is a play off of American Express,  I agree!


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