Keeping Time

Is your watch like this?
Or this?

My grandfather had a watch similar to the top picture. Me? I sorta have a watch similar to the bottom picture. Well, not a ‘real’ watch per se.

Bell & Ross are makers of high-end watches for professionals: Air Force pilots, deep sea divers, anti-mine military squads. Am I an Air Force pilot? Since I have to take Valium just to get on a plane, I don’t believe anybody would be thrilled with the idea of a pilot who was high (pun intended) on Valium.

Am I a deep sea diver? My fear of drowning in an ocean ranks right next to my fear of flying. I snorkel. But if I have to go any deeper, you can count me out.

Am I on an anti-mine military squad? My behemoth size is equal to the combined size of every body in the entire squad. I don’t belong to the military but I sure can bark out orders loud and clear. Just ask my children . . .

However, the Bell and Ross app is on my iPhone. And that is how I have one of their watches.  I think it’s a cool looking watch. Can’t do much with it. You can change the style and the color. If you can set it as a timer, I haven’t figured it out.

It has a cool video. Just touch the iPhone screen. It will bring up the options of instruments (which is where you select what watch face you want and the color), the option to find retailers around the world for the watch, and then the option to watch the clip.

You’ve just got to watch the clip. It’s way cool. If I didn’t have a fear of flying, this video would make me stop and think about the possibility of becoming a pilot. Well, I’d think about for at least as long as the video lasts. Then I’d come to my senses . . .

Is this a useful app? I’m not too sold on the idea. Why would you scroll and scroll and scroll through all of your apps and then click on the Bell & Ross app, and then click to allow it to use your current location, just to see what time it is? It seems like a lots of wasted time (maybe a whopping 5 seconds) when you can see the time instantly when you push your iPhone’s home button.

I guess that it’s at least one way to have a Bell & Ross watch if the real thing for your wrist is too expensive.


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