Way Fun iPhone App

Does anybody have a washcloth handy ? Towel?  Burp cloth?  Rag?  Anything!  Something!  But please!  Give it to me immediately!!  As in right now is way too late.

Why?  you wonder.

I’ve just seen an absolutely cuh-ray-zee fun app for the iPhone. Drool is dripping off my chin like rain in Seattle.

Drumroll please.   Brrrrrrrrrrr — ta da.  Announcing the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone!  This app turns pics taken on your iPhone into photos with a flair.  Vignettes anyone?  A stylized photo (sans Photoshop)?  A quirky over saturation?  It’s yours.  All with Hipstamatic.

It’s like going back in time getting the effects from 35mm film cameras from the 70s but using a PHONE instead.  I guess since we are in a new millenium that we ought to have a new way of taking pictures that are reminiscent of the olden days.

We pause here to bring you a station identification.  When I want to know if it’s going to snow tomorrow, I go to the weather on my iPhone.  When I want to find a place to eat when I’m in a new city, Urbanspoon on my iPhone is the answer.    When I want to flick my virtual Bic, Zippo Lighter on my iPhone to the rescue.  When I want to take a picture when I’m out and about, my iPhone camera saves the day. I use my iPhone to read blogs as I ride the bus home from work.  Geez.  Do I use my phone just to call someone anymore?

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Hipstamatic has some really cool features:

  • You can mix and match different lens, flash, and film combinations.  There are a total of 336 combinations.  Holy cow!  That’ll take you one or two days to use all of those combinations, if you ask me.
  • Change a lense or film with a simple swipe of your finger.
  • Shake your phone to randomize your selctions.
  • Got a favorite combo?  Simply save it so you can easily go back and use it again and again.
  • It has built in sharing with Facebook and Flickr.  Snap and send.  A cinch.  Just how sweet is that, I ask you?
  • There are other lenses, flashes, and films that you can buy to add extra options.  Some start as cheap as 99 cents per pack.

Hipstamatic is only $1.99.  A buck ninety-nine.  I think I’ll tell my husband that we’re not going to the dollar movies tonight and use that money to pay for Hipstamatic.  I don’t think he would mind.  Too much.

Or, maybe I’ll pass along some very un-subtle hints to my offspring and tell them that they will be my favorite child and will get the largest inheritance if they buy me Hipstamatic for Mother’s Day.

Sshh!  Don’t look now.  Don’t tell my husband.  I think I just saw my fingers typing my credit card info into the iTunes App store . . .

Ahhhh.  I’m all shot up and high on my tech fix . . .  In no time at all, I’ll be a Hipsta-maniac.


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