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Protecting Your iPad

I love it when I see something that tickles my sense o’ humor.  So, consider me tickled!

While I’m still trying to twist my husband’s arm provide ample reason to my budget that I need an iPad, I think I’ve found an exceedingly fun case for it.  The manila folder!

BoxWave offers a case that looks like a regular, run of the mill manila envelope.  It’s constructed out of leather to ‘withstand the harsh environments.’  (I guess if leather is good enough to protect ol’ Bossy from the harsh elements, it should work great for the iPad.)

It is padded and lined with a soft interior to ward off scratches.  That’s nice.  I was so not full of glee when my Nano got scratched . . . and, I immediately hustled out and got a case when I procured my iPhone.

You’ll be the talk of the town — or at least with your up close and personal friends — when you show up sporting both an iPad and an iPad in an envelope!  It’s worth the $39 (for the case, not the iPad) for all of the fun you’ll have with it!


Rockband — On My iPhone

The other day, I played researched how Rockband worked on the iPad.  I only have three words to say:  fun, fun fun!!

I was so absorbed in playing, that I was oblivious to how loud it was and how annoying I possibly was to other customers in the store.  (I found that Rockband on the iPad was much easier than with the guitar that came with the actual Rockband set up.  My little finger is weak and slow.  I guess I just need to practice to build up my strength.  That’s what I’ll tell my husband when he comes downstairs at 3:00 a.m. to see what I am doing . . .)

After I left the store, I was moaning that I didn’t have an iPad.  Then, inspiration struck.  I have an iPhone!  I dashed to the iTunes app store and found Rockband for the iPhone.  It was $6.99.

Then, I noticed there was a free version.  Being the extremely frugal person (read that to mean cheap) person that I am, I immediately downloaded it.  Here’s what I think of the free version.

Graphics.  I was amazed at the graphics on such a small screen.  I’m used to playing Rockband on my 52 inch HD TV.  That’s a little bit different than on the iPhone.  So far, I don’t mind the small size because the graphics are good.  Compared to my TV, they aren’t as flashy-snazzy, but they are nice.

Sound.  It had good sound.  Of course it doesn’t compare to my home theater surround sound but it is still good.  Not tinny.  No buzzing. Plenty of ‘depth.’

Ease of play.  I am so much better on the iPhone than on the Rockband guitar.  Since I’m all thumbs when it comes to things like crafts, that ‘thumb-ness’ has paid off.  Playing Rockband on my iPhone is much, much easier.  Love the drums, too.  I’m not a bass fan but playing it is fine, too.

Level of difficulty.  There are three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard.  Boy howdy! The hard level is definitely hard!

Song selection.  If you don’t mind having only one song, you won’t mind getting the free version of Rockband.

There is one drawback.  It doesn’t play in landscape mode.  If your fingers tend to be on the larger side, this may pose a challenge to you.  (Since I have dainty finger pads, it’s not a drawback for me.)

From my point of veiw, there is really only one reason to get the free version of Rockband:  so you can tell if you would be happy with the $6.99 version.

And is it worth it to pay almost seven bucks for an app on my iPhone?  I do think that price is a little steep.  However, I do think it’s worth the price.  On the days when I’m riding the bus home from work and my eyes are too droopy, sleepy to read, I can whip out my iPhone, pop in my earbuds, and jam away until I get to my stop.

I recommend that you buy the full version.  I think you’d like Rockband, too.

Sweet Find in iTunes

I know that you are probably already aware of this little feature in iTunes. But I wasn’t. And I am so glad to learn about it.

Do you have duplicate songs in iTunes, like I do? And are you having a Dickens of a time scrolling through your long list of songs to find them?  Scroll up.  Scroll down.  Back up again.  Are those songs the same?  I dunno.  Better scroll back down.

This little tip can save you lots of grief.

Open up iTunes. Hold down the Option key. Click on the File menu. You will see Display Exact Duplicates in the menu. If you have duplicates, you will get a list of songs that are exact duplicates of each other.  Now, you can go easily go through and delete the duplicates (and free up some room on your hard drive).

(Stop rolling your eyes at me.  While you might have known about this, like, for-ever, it’s new to me.  Okay?)