Sweet Find in iTunes

I know that you are probably already aware of this little feature in iTunes. But I wasn’t. And I am so glad to learn about it.

Do you have duplicate songs in iTunes, like I do? And are you having a Dickens of a time scrolling through your long list of songs to find them?  Scroll up.  Scroll down.  Back up again.  Are those songs the same?  I dunno.  Better scroll back down.

This little tip can save you lots of grief.

Open up iTunes. Hold down the Option key. Click on the File menu. You will see Display Exact Duplicates in the menu. If you have duplicates, you will get a list of songs that are exact duplicates of each other.  Now, you can go easily go through and delete the duplicates (and free up some room on your hard drive).

(Stop rolling your eyes at me.  While you might have known about this, like, for-ever, it’s new to me.  Okay?)



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