Protecting Your iPad

I love it when I see something that tickles my sense o’ humor.  So, consider me tickled!

While I’m still trying to twist my husband’s arm provide ample reason to my budget that I need an iPad, I think I’ve found an exceedingly fun case for it.  The manila folder!

BoxWave offers a case that looks like a regular, run of the mill manila envelope.  It’s constructed out of leather to ‘withstand the harsh environments.’  (I guess if leather is good enough to protect ol’ Bossy from the harsh elements, it should work great for the iPad.)

It is padded and lined with a soft interior to ward off scratches.  That’s nice.  I was so not full of glee when my Nano got scratched . . . and, I immediately hustled out and got a case when I procured my iPhone.

You’ll be the talk of the town — or at least with your up close and personal friends — when you show up sporting both an iPad and an iPad in an envelope!  It’s worth the $39 (for the case, not the iPad) for all of the fun you’ll have with it!


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