Mini Technology for Maximum Fun

Today’s fun comes in a small package.  Small but amazingly creative and wonderful.

Have you ever wanted to expand the capabilities of the camera on your cellphone?  Like being able to take up-close and personal photos of a delicate flower, a spider’s web, the wart on your friend’s elbow?  (Well, maybe not the wart.) The results you get probably won’t win any photography contests.  You’ll look at your picture, sigh, and then click the trash-it button.

What about getting a fish-eye pic?  Or wide angle?  All a no-go with a cellphone camera.  Until now.

Thanks to some very creative folks, you can now purchase a fisheye, macro and wide angle lens for your cellphone.  These lenses do not discriminate against cellphones.  They will work with ANY one that has a camera.

How?  How in the world can you attach a lens to a cellphone? you ask.

Boy, I didn’t realize that you were so skeptical.

By a powerful magnetic ring, that’s how.

The wide angle/macro lens sells for $20.  That’s the price of a trip to the movies with nachos, popcorn, and a drink.  The fisheye lens is $25.  Bundled together you get them for $40.  What a bargain if you ask me! You can find them here if you are interested.

And, if you are into photography this next item is such a fun lil’ item.  A mini camera that is a 1/16 scale model of a your real-life DSLR camera — detachable lenses and all!

With the holidays coming up before you know it, you can start dropping hints that this would make a great stocking stuffer.  Great for the photographer in your life (ahem, that’s you, my friend). Display it on your desk (but be careful not to lose it in the clutter).  Hang it on a chain around your neck.  Use it for a claymation movie with your GI Joe figures.  You can find it here.


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