Create a PDF of an HTML Page

Sometimes I stumble across some technological gem that causes me to say, “Shazam!”  Today’s find is one of those shazam moments. is a nifty site that turns web pages into PDF files.  Simply copy the URL and paste it into the address box on, click convert to PDF and you have your file.

If, by chance, that page has links, the links in the PDF file work.  They take the reader to the linked page.

Yes, yes, I know that you can have links in PDF files that actually work.  What warms the cockles of my heart is that with PDFcrowd you don’t have to do any coding.  You don’t have to insert any HTML.  PDFcrowd does all of the work for you.  Guess I’m lazy that way.

Wanna see PDFcrowd in action?  I made a PDF of the front page of the New York Times. Check it out. See what I mean.

Use this to send PDFs of a web page through e-mail to a friend or acquaintance. You don’t have to worry about what operating system your friend uses.  Or what browser she uses.  Or even the device (computer, phone, iPad, whatever) as long as the device can read PDF files.

Now THAT is sweet!


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