Photo Sharing on Steroids

I recently came across a nifty new technology.  (Well, it’s new to me . . .) As I read about it, I thought, “Huh! What a great idea!  I’m surprised that somebody didn’t think of it sooner.”

And then I did a wee bit o’ research.  Found out this technology has been around for 5 years.  Ahem.  Where have I been?  (Answer: pondering the meaning of life and leading strategic military maneuvers against hordes of encroaching dust bunnies . . .)

Where was I?  Oh yes. New technology.

You’ve got a digital camera, right?  Right. Got a Facebook account where you share your digital photos, right?  Right.

Got a Flickr account to share photos with Grandma Bertha, your second cousin twice removed in Des Moines, and your best friend LeRoy, right? Right.

You make photo books with Shutterfly and snapfish depending on who is having a good sale, right?  Right.

You print your photos at Costco or Walk-Mart, right? Right.

You take movies and upload them on YouTube, right? Right.

You have an account with Zenfolio, right?  No?  Don’t know what Zenfolio is all about?  (Don’t worry.  Neither do I.)

And you want an easier method for all of that uploading, right? Right.

Then have I got the memory card for you!  Eye-Fi has a memory card with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Did you catch that?  Built. In. Wi-Fi.

Pop the card into your camera.  Specify up to 32 different networks.  Then, when you snap all of those special Kodak moments (and those quirky odd moments and all others in between), the card automatically transfers  your photos and videos to their specified destination.  Now how cool is that?

Of course the memory card acts as a memory card and stores the photos and videos that you take.  Of course.  (It comes with either 4 GB or 8GB capacity.) Of course you can also transfer them to your computer if you want.  Of course. Of course you see how this is way cool and you want to run out and buy one right now.  Of course.

Me, too.  So, I’ll see you later.  I’m pulling out my credit card so I can buy a whole gaggle of them online.


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