Itsy Bitsy Spider and Me

I didn’t know that this kiddy song could be so much fun!

Itsy Bitsy Spider is a children’s app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  In my humble opinion, it is best used on an iPad because you have more screen real estate to enjoy and play with this interactive application.

This app won the 2010 Parent’s Choice Gold Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation.  Support like that says a lot.  Like it is viewed as an educational application because you learn about the environment, animals, and nature.  The fly that buzzes around will tell your child where rain comes from, how a rainbow is made, what makes a plant grow, and how many legs a spider has.

Children learn to count to ten by poking a squirrel who stacks nuts. When the squirrel has ten in a pile, they fall off the roof of the house so you can start counting again.  Kids can find musical eggs on a scavenger hunt and then play a tune on the ones that they found.  They can stack hats on the spider’s head.  They can even record themselves singing!

I loved touching the wind to make it blow and the cloud to make it rain.  The frog hiding in the grass and the snail are fun to touch to see their reaction.  And I lost track of how many times I made the little girl splash in the puddle of water.  Vicarious living there if you ask me!

This application kept me entertained for almost half an hour.  If it will keep an old biddy like me occupied, just think how young children will love this app!

Is it worth the $1.99?  You betcha!


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