technology: noun. All things good and wonderful related to the digital world.

mavin: noun. Someone who is a genius, a superstar, a whiz. Someone who is dazzlingly skilled. Someone who has special knowledge or experience. When connecting this word with technology, it’s something I wanna be . . .

In my previous life, I was a free-lance writer. However, my writing was like a bowl of oatmeal — brown and boring. Could I smash out the lumps by adding milk? Could I sweeten it with brown sugar? Or, should it just be thrown out for the cat to feast upon?

Then, I discovered technology.

That was back in the painful days of a 1200 baud modem. . . and I still loved technology. Back then, I thought that if Iearned a certain two programs I would have a handle on technology. I would be king of the technology hill. As I fondly look back on that silly belief, I marvel at the overwhelming-ness of today’s technology.

And yet, I still want to stay on top. Or at least be riding the wave of what’s current. . .

P.S. My two loves — writing and technology — are married now are are living happily ever after!


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